Ndaki & friends

Frau Andreja Novak/SLO, CAC-Zuchtschau Hannover, 28.06.2008:

"11 years old mal, very good type, very good head with excellent expression, well set ears, correct bite, good strong neck, excellent topline for his age, very good unterline, good bones, good front and rear angulations, correct tail set, excellent movement for his age, excellent character."

V 1 Vet.CAC

Frau Marion Finney/IRL, CAC-Zuchtschau Randboldal/DK, 06.06.2009:

„A true gentleman of 12 years old – very nice overall type – pleasing head and expression – well angulated all over – movement sound – congratulations to his proud owner.“

V 1 CAC BR BOB (damit erfüllt Ndaki die Bedingungen für den Titel "Dänischer Champion")